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Member Benefits

Thank you for your supports !!

Without our members, there won't be us today. We will continue to strive and dedicate ourselves to search for high quality and safe products which are beneficial to our health. 

New members receive $30 store credit as welcome gift, validity 15 days.

All Member receives birthday gift of $60 store credit, validity 30 days.


Membership Upgrade

Member who reaches target spending levels prescribed will automatically upgraded to be a VIP or Gold VIP member. The upgrade date will be the new membership anniversary date; the longest of the membership valid period and the relative discounts followed by would be two years, if without extension.  

  • Customer who spends $1200 within 3 months of times will be updated to VIP to enjoy 1 year of the relative discount and benefits.  
  • VIP who spends $1000 during the year will get an extension of the membership for another year.
  • VIP will become Gold VIP if they spend $2800 within 6 months of times as a VIP, the Gold VIP membership valid period would be 2 years.
  • Extension periods of being Gold VIP for another 2 years will occur if spend $2000 within the time as a Gold VIP.
  • VIP could enjoy an 8% off shopping discount; Gold VIP could enjoy a 12% off shopping discount.



  • $1 store credit = $1 HK Dollar
  • A 10% reward credit is given when members spend minimum $600 or above within 92 days.
  • Each transaction can apply a maximum  $150 credits when the total order over $500.